Split Squat and Knee Pain

The split squat is the basic single leg exercise. In my estimation, it is the single leg movement that should be taught first, before any type of lunging exercise. Split Squat Problems A couple problems become evident immediately when a trainee struggles to perform them. 1. Unfamiliarity. If a trainee is unfamiliar with the movement, […]

The Trap Bar Deadlift

Here are two versions of the trap bar deadlift. The only difference between the two videos is the starting position of the hips. Hip Dominant Exercises Any time an exercise is labeled hip dominant, it means that the movement involves the muscles that extend the hip (brings them forward), primarily the glutes and hamstrings. The […]

The Smith Machine Glute Thrust

The glute thrust, also know as a hip thrust, has been gaining popularity in strength and conditioning. The value of the glute thrust is that it trains the glutes in a more horizontal manner, rather than traditional vertical glute building exercises like the squat and split squat. Plus, it helps build a great looking set […]

Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome

Tight hip flexors are fairly common, and they can lead to big health problems. However, not every pain in the front of the hip is related to tight hip flexors. One common hip aggravation is something called Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. In fact, it was the first of […]

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift.

The single leg Romanian deadlift is a great exercise for glute and hamstring development. It also happens to be one of the more difficult exercises to teach and perform correctly for the following reasons: – It takes good balance. – You have to be able to hinge at the hip. Many people have a hard […]

The Glute Bridge and Gluteal Amnesia

Down Up Done! You always want to get your glutes fired up before training your legs. It may sound surprising, but some clients of mine initially can’t use their glutes to lift their hips up off the ground. You might be thinking: 1. I didn’t know my glutes were supposed to do that, or 2. […]

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Revisited

Anterior pelvic tilt is a condition in which the pelvis is pulled down in front due to tight hip flexors. It’s very common among people who sit in chairs all day. In a previous post I explained how tight hip flexors can lead to APT. There is another component of fixing APT beyond stretching the […]

Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a fantastic exercise for shaping your legs and glutes. It’s so good that it’s one of my main cures for Saggy Butt Syndrome. Check it out! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN0fRdvn-Bo Random note: I’m using light weights because it was just a demonstration that came after I had just finished my workout. Spur of […]

A cure for saggy butt syndrome

It seems like people, women mostly, have been complaining about saggy butts forever. Theoretically, there is one simple reason for this. Muscle atrophy. Due to the loss of muscle mass and strength, you’ve got a saggy butt. Luckily, the solution is simple. Hit the weights. Hard. Your glutes (plural because you have 3 on each […]