Frequency vs Muscle Confusion

Proficient: advanced in knowledge or skill Confusion: disorder; upheaval; tumult; chaos Frequency: The number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. If you want to get good at something, you have to practice it frequently so that you become proficient. Your brain has to learn what it needs to do. Whether it […]

The Power of Dedication and Practice

It takes 20,000 hours of practice to master a particular skill. If you read one hour per day for three years you’ll be an authority on a given subject. Five years will give you the equivalent of a PhD. Such is the power of dedication and practice. I can honestly say that I’ve been studying […]

Random Thoughts on 9/21/2010

1. I read an article in the New York Times which talked about a new study that found exercise can make kids smarter. If you read it, many of the commenters point out the relative weaknesses of the study. There may be some truth to the idea that exercise makes you smarter, but I clearly […]