Because my training these days is PRI-only sessions, or training based on PRI principles, the majority of what I do is one-on-one.

The physical issues that PRI addresses are unique to each individual, and each person has a learning curve.

It takes real time and focus for me to understand what your physical situation is, and for you to understand what you need to do to keep your body in balance and feeling good.

All of my focus has to be on you, the individual standing in front of me.

So in the beginning, training has to be done in an individual setting.

This one-on-one interaction is the perfect choice for:

  • Anyone experiencing recurring joint or muscle pain.
  • People who are new to training and require more direct supervision and interaction with a trainer
  • Anyone who has suffered injury or is coming back to physical activity. Sometimes these people like to work one-on-one with a trainer as they gain confidence in their body’s ability to work hard and adapt.
  • People who have non-traditional schedules and can only train at times where there are no groups.
  • Those who simply prefer to train alone.

All training can be done at the private location that I rent (no one else is around), at your home, or another location of your choice.

Once you learn what you have to do, you can move into a small group whenever a group is available.

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