Re-Positioning a Left Pelvis

This video shows what repositioning of a pelvis process looks like.

First, I test Daphne’s pelvis. Because her left leg won’t move down (adduct) to the bench, this indicates her left pelvis is forward compared to her right pelvis.

Second, she does an exercise to reposition her left pelvis. The position she is in strongly activates her left hamstring and turns off her hip flexors.

Third, I retest her left leg. I mention in the video that even though her left leg was now going down to the bench, I still felt a lot of tension in her leg. So I had to test her neck (not shown on the video). It turns out that she had some neck restrictions and these neck restrictions were causing tightness in the rest of her body. Once we repositioned her neck so that it could move freely (also not shown on the video) her leg adducted down to the bench more easily. The tension in her body dissipated immediately.

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