Lateral Pelvic Tilt: Some Back Pain Relief

Over the past year, since my post on lateral pelvic tilt got picked up by Google, I’ve gotten quite a few comments and e-mails asking for more information.

Unfortunately, everything I know about lateral pelvic tilt, and how I rid myself of it, has already been written about in those past posts. I’ve looked around for more information, but I haven’t come up with anything new to report.

These are the two main posts on lateral pelvic tilt:
Part I
Part 2

Recently, one commenter told me to look up the Egoscue Tower, something I had never heard of. The video is below.

The guy in the video doesn’t explain what is going on inside your body, but it seems to me that the point of the exercise is to relax your psoas muscle. Notice in the video how he explains that your lower back should settle into the ground. This seems consistent with a relaxing psoas as a tight psoas can produce excessive lower back arch.

Since I don’t have the equipment that is shown in the video, I tried putting myself in a similar setup using a foam roller and stability ball.

In the video, the woman starts with her leg much higher than mine. When I do this at home, I do start with my leg on something higher than the foam roller. I find random household objects of varying heights upon which I can rest my leg.

As you lay still on the ground, you will feel your lower back eventually start to flatten towards the ground. At that point you can put your leg onto something lower to start the process over again.

I’ve only done the exercises a few times, but I have noticed that my psoas agitation has been less in the past two weeks or so. I’m going to continue doing this exercise a few times a week and see how it goes.

If you suffer from lower back pain, particularly related to a lateral pelvic tilt, you might want to give this a try.


  1. Sherri says

    This sounds like it would be great for multiple issues around the hip. I assume you treat both legs for equal time, regardless of which hip is higher?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Administrator says

      Hi Sherri,
      That’s probably what I would do, just to even things out. My pelvis isn’t tilted anymore, but my psoas still acts up from time to time, especially in the mornings after waking up and after sitting in deep seats.


  2. Dan says

    Hey. Random but I came across your site while on the tower. I’m have a similar story to you but suffered specifically pelvic pain since I was 21 now 28. It’s been a battle. I found Egoscue a few years ago and entered there clinic. It did miracles for my back and neck as I did sets of exercises each day. I never addressed the pelvis with them until last month. I always thought I had a medical issue but now I’ve realized it’s bio mechanical. Anyway the tower does wonders for me but you literally need to spend an hour on each leg. It will lessen over time. Ive been on it for a month now daily.

    • Administrator says

      Thanks, for sharing Dan. Very interesting. My back is feeling great right now. I’d like to say it’s from doing the Egoscue tower-type exercise, but I’ve also been training my glutes and hamstrings in a very dedicated way with certain exercises that don’t irritate my lower back. Hard to say which one has been more important, perhaps a combination of both.


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