The Palace of Versailles and Public Transportation

Taking public transportation in a foreign country can be a harrowing experience. The first time is always the most difficult because of your unfamiliarity with the ticketing machines or the different types of buses and trains that are available. I’ve used public transport in Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and now France. Each situation was different, but […]

5 Tips for Great Glutes

Athletes generally have great glutes. The reason is simple: they work on building muscle and they burn a lot of calories through playing their sport. Even though you may not be a professional athlete, great glutes are attainable. Here are five tips for developing a strong and aesthetically pleasing pair of glutes (and yes, they […]

41 Things I am Thankful For

A random list of things that I am thankful for: 1. Having been born in the United States of America. 2. Books. 3. Growing up in a safe and secure environment. 4. Good health. 5. Salsa music. 6. A supportive family. 7. That I didn’t have cable tv growing up. 8. That I didn’t have […]

Steve Jobs, exercise programming, and you.

As I watched the 60 Minutes interview with Steve Jobs’ biographer, Walter Isaacson, I was struck by something he said about Jobs’ view on product design: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you have ever used an Apple product, you realize its sophistication is its simple, but elegant, design. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The […]

My Summer of Discontent

This summer has sucked. The heat and humidity of New Jersey tends to wear me out, make me lethargic, and kills my motivation. I’ve also spent July and August with varying degrees of back pain that has stopped me from all exercise and interfered with my ability to make a living. The Beginning In late […]

The Warmup Sets and the Pyramid.

In the last post about warm-up sets, I pointed out that the closer you get to your work sets (the sets you do at a particular target weight) the more likely those warm-up sets could contribute to fatigue. For this reason, you want to keep your warm-up sets brief, no more than 1-3 reps each […]

Beware of the Warmup Set

When warming up for the bench press, what counts as a set? If you are doing straight sets, meaning you are doing something like 3×5 at 195, the sets you do at 195 are your work sets and are the ones that count. Technically, anything that you do as you warmup to 195 would not […]

Muscle, The Great Depression, and the Florentine Renaissance

What does building muscle, the Great Depression, and the Florentine Renaissance all have in common? Seemingly nothing, but lets take a closer look. The human brain loves certainty and hates ambiguity. We feel a sense of calm when we are certain about things. When we aren’t sure, or don’t know answers to important questions, we […]

Squatting Error: Knees Caving In on the Ascent

In the picture on the left, my knees cave in as I start my ascent out of the bottom of the squat. The bottom of the squat is where your thighs reach parallel (picture 3, I’m slightly above parallel actually, couldn’t get a great picture). Thus, the picture shows my knees caving on my way […]