The Wasted Workout?

A trainee came in, stressed about her daughter, tired from lack of sleep, and feeling mentally exhausted. She didn’t feel particularly strong and didn’t really lift any heavier than the prior week. “Did I just waste the workout?” she asked. “Not at all”, I replied. Wasted Workouts Online writers and trainers often talk about not […]

Deadlift Problems: Where the Bar Begins

Starting with the bar too far in front of the body during the deadlift is fairly common but can cause some serious problems due to the physics involved. What I do at the end of rep #2 and the beginning of rep #3 is what I’m focusing on. Rep 1 is good. I then reset […]

Slow Down Your Life (and your deadlift)

In the midst of the American invasion of Sicily, 1943… A mortar fragment had chipped two of his teeth, but [Teddy] Roosevelt [Jr.] “mumbled and rumbled to himself snatches of song and bits of poetry in French, in Latin and in English”, while lamenting the lack of scholarship “in this hurried world”. – The Day […]

Patience In Physical Training

A bodybuilding legend died recently. Larry Scott Two quotes from the article jump out at me as they show the reality of physical training. 1. Aspiring bodybuilders often asked Mr. Scott his secret to success. He shared it in an interview with the martial arts trainer Steve Cotter. “I generally tell them to take lots […]

The Value of A Training System

Look up “train” in Webster’s Dictionary you get the following definitions (among others): noun: a series of parts or elements that together constitute a system for producing a result. verb: to teach (someone) the skills needed to do something (such as a job) : to give instruction to (someone) As a trainer, I have two […]

Light Weights and Training

Is there a role for light weights in your training program? Yes, my opinion is that there is a role for light weights, as long as it’s in conjunction with heavy weights. For this brief discussion, I am labeling any weight you can do for more than 15 reps to be light. So the 15-20 […]

Deadlift and Protein Success

Here at Novus Fitness in Belleville, New Jersey, we use the deadlift a lot. It builds overall bodily strength better than any other exercise. While many women are initially apprehensive about performing the lift, most of them tend to end up loving it. There is a feeling of accomplishment one experiences when lifting heavy weights […]

Recommendations for Good Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is of the utmost importance to human beings. Without sleep, it’s difficult to perform at high levels, as your body doesn’t have the chance to recover and recharge. In regards to exercise, the most anabolic time of day is when we are sleeping. Numerous processes occur that enable us to burn […]

Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome

Tight hip flexors are fairly common, and they can lead to big health problems. However, not every pain in the front of the hip is related to tight hip flexors. One common hip aggravation is something called Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. In fact, it was the first of […]

When Too Much Cardio is Counter-Productive

Exercise is good, but when is more exercise not a good idea? When compensatory mechanisms start to kick in. Compensatory Mechanisms There was a Time magazine article, perhaps three years ago, that talked about how exercise was inefficient for weight loss. In theory, exercise done correctly works perfectly well. The problem is that our own […]