Introduction to the Hip

The hip is the most important, yet overlooked, joint in the body. Keeping your hips working correctly is of paramount importance to overall body health. Unfortunately, talking about the hip can be confusing because the term can refer to both the joint itself or the muscles that surround it. As you will see over a […]

SI Joint Redux

It seems as if I have my SI joint issue under control. If you’ve read my previous post about the SI joint, you’ll know that I tend to have flare-ups every once in a while. Unfortunately, flare ups are pretty debilitating. Basically, I can’t move for two days and can’t really workout for about a […]

SI Joint Pain

One thing I’ve had to deal with numerous times since my early 20’s has been SI joint pain. Before I knew what it was, I simply just described it as “lower back pain-but not really in my back”. Why the confusion? I said it was my lower back, but it kind of felt like it […]