Vegetable Oils and Health

Are vegetable oils the greatest nutritional threat to good cardiovascular health? Read on….. “In the past two years, he has published four papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, two of them devoted to another major culprit he has singled out as responsible for atherosclerosis, or the hardening of the arteries: an excess of polyunsaturated vegetable […]

Light Weights and Training

Is there a role for light weights in your training program? Yes, my opinion is that there is a role for light weights, as long as it’s in conjunction with heavy weights. For this brief discussion, I am labeling any weight you can do for more than 15 reps to be light. So the 15-20 […]

Top 20 Food List

A constant theme of mine, one that I try to beat into the heads of my trainees, is that changing your body and keeping yourself healthy takes some thought. One of those mental exercises is to come up with a Top 20 Food List. People who don’t want to think about the exercise and eating […]

Protein Ratios and the Top 20 Food List

An often overlooked aspect of protein consumption is what I call the protein ratio. More accurately, it’s the protein to calorie ratio and the protein to price ratio. Let’s look at an easy way to get more protein in your diet: turkey cold-cuts. I eat Applegate Organics Sliced Turkey Breast. It says that it has […]

The Desire to Improve Your Health

I’ve long agonized over the fact that, working off the same exact information, you may succeed fantastically when trying to improve your health, body, and well-being, while another person can fail miserably. The basics don’t vary much from one person to another. The Big Three are: 1. Control your calories 2. Maximize protein consumption 3. […]

The Human Body as Art

I took the quick trip from Belleville, New Jersey into Manhattan over the weekend to visit the Museum of Biblical Art and an exhibit of Donatello’s sculptures on loan from the Duomo in Florence, Italy. It got me thinking about the human form throughout history. Upon viewing ancient sculpture, one recognizes that the ancient Greeks […]

Typical Female Protein Intake?

I’ll often quiz new female trainees on their dietary habits and when it comes to protein, they’ll often say they eat eggs, chicken, and fish, but under further inquiry, what this really means is that they eat one egg twice a week, and perhaps a little bit of chicken or fish each day. Red meat […]

Deadlift and Protein Success

Here at Novus Fitness in Belleville, New Jersey, we use the deadlift a lot. It builds overall bodily strength better than any other exercise. While many women are initially apprehensive about performing the lift, most of them tend to end up loving it. There is a feeling of accomplishment one experiences when lifting heavy weights […]

Try This Plank-Rotation-Pushup Variation

Here is a great pushup variation that goes: plank, rotation, pushup. This combined movement is very challenging, as it really hits your abs and upper body pushing muscles hard. 1. Start in a plank position with your feet slightly apart. 2. Keeping your abs tight, push yourself up into pushup position. Try to prevent your […]

The Weight Loss Stall

I recently received an e-mail from a college friend who played football at the University of Maryland. These were his main points: – He has lost 120 lbs over the past two years (he’s probably around 6’4″) and 67 lbs since January 1st. – He has been running 4 or 5 times a week but […]