How Teeth Can Influence Your Posture and Bodily Pain

The correlation of teeth and posture has been studied and documented in the scientific literature. Here are remarks found in the introduction of the study linked above. These studies suggest that tension in the stomatognathic (teeth, jaw, and related soft tissue) system can contribute to impaired neural control of posture…. If the proprioceptive information of […]

Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?

Should you stretch your hamstrings? Generally, I say “probably not”. In this post, I am going to explain why stretching the hamstrings is often not advisable.  I’m going to focus on the left hamstring and approach the matter from the perspective of Postural Restoration®. What does the hamstring do? What is little appreciated about the […]

What is Pelvic Repositioning?

Pelvic repositioning is a difficult concept to understand if you aren’t real familiar with anatomy. So here is a video that I hope makes clear what repositioning entails. It’s important to understand because everything PRI does with people involves repositioning one or both sides of the pelvis.

Assisted Chin-Ups and Lower Back Pain

Chin-ups can be uncomfortable for people with extension based back pain. When someone suffers from extension based back pain, they may experience discomfort or outright pain doing exercises that generally require a strong arch in the lower back.  Or they may struggle with exercises that tend to pull them into this extended position. With chin-ups, […]