5 Quick Points About The Trap Bar Deadlift

Some people have asked me how I set up to use the trap bar for deadlifts. Here is a short video:

1. I set up with my feet in the middle of the bar. Often people set up too far back, which results in their hands being directly underneath or in front of their shoulders. Hands should start slightly behind their shoulders.

2. I don’t try and set up in pulling position as I’m grabbing the bar. I simply grab the bar. This is position #1.

3. In order to set up in pulling position, I start to raise my chest. This raising of my chest will lower my hips. As my hips lower and my chest rises, my lower back gets set in neutral position and I start to feel a stretch in my hamstrings. For me, that is the secret to a good deadlift. When I don’t feel a stretch in my hamstrings before I pull from the floor, I’ll feel the deadlift too much in my lower back. This is position #2.

4. When in position #1, I take a deep breath. As I start to get into position #2, I start to exhale through my mouth until I arrive in pulling position. I started doing this a couple years ago because I found that holding a deep breath didn’t work well for me. I have no clue why. So as I transition from position #1 to position #2 I’ve probably let out about 1/4 of my air.

5. I “twist the bar” with my hands outwards and make sure my weight is towards my heels. Obviously, the bar doesn’t twist, but attempting to twist the bar has the effect of making my upper back tighter. This trick can make a huge difference in how it feels to pull the weight off the ground. You often feel more stable and stronger.

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