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Videos & Testimonials

DENISE For the first time I feel like I am doing “quality” exercises, exercises that really count and make a difference in how I feel and ultimately how I look. I recently went to a wedding and saw friends that I have not seen in 14 years. They commented that I look better now than I did in high school. That was a huge compliment! Right now I am weight training three times per week and doing cardio two days a week. My strength training consists of bench press, incline press, military press, reverse rows, split squats, walking lunges, reverse lunges, chin ups, push-ups, dumb bell presses, dumbbell rows, and planks. Recently I trained for a triathlon. I added longer cardio work outs and ran and biked outside. I kept up with my weight training as well.Finishing the triathlon was an amazing feeling. It felt so good to complete each leg of the race. I felt so strong and fit! It was such an amazing experience!”

GEORGE I have lost 25 pounds since February and yes I have been working out regularly since I was 15 years old. I’m 37 now. In the last 5 years I would consistently drop about 10 pounds and then put it back on if I stopped watching my diet. My workout was mostly cardio focused and the weight lifting was that circuit training nonsense that I learned from reading those magazines. What a waste of time!! My workouts are concentrated on strength training with compound exercises: bench press, military press, pull ups, rows, squats, deadlift, rack pulls, romanian deadlifts, reverse lunges. I also started watching my carb and calorie intake and try to cut out junk food as much as possible. In the beginning I was strictly eating salads and protein for lunch and dinner and now I’ve started incorporating some carbs, but I still avoid the pastas. I also do your 10 hour fast where I don’t eat anything till lunch time. All those dieting techniques have helped the pounds come off.

KIM “I have not always worked out. I never played sports. I like to dance, but once my lifestyle changed (work and kids) it was no longer practical. Honestly, I joined the gym because I got inspired by the Biggest Loser. I saw how much they weighed and then not only lost weight but lifted weights and looked fantastic! “I was finally beat down. Finally desperate. Finally convinced I had to make a BIG change, no matter what. I have a friend who had similar issues with food and was finally successful. She told me what she was doing and that was that. I knew I would be on the right track. First and foremost, you taught me how strong I could be. The effects were subtle and took a long time to form, but I believe permanent. You completely convinced me that I would not BULK UP by lifting heavy weights. You also said to me in an e-mail, right before I reached my bottom, “the food is the bigger issue. The weightlifting is supplemental.” You had said that before, but for some reason it hit me hard. What’s working better for me now is that I feel so much better in my skin. I had a hard time doing the workouts on my own and now I not only feel like I fit in, I look like I do as well!”

PAM Some of the things that I love about Novus Fitness Training are: the results, Neal’s extensive knowledge, and his level of dedication. Once I got over my fear of bulking up from lifting heavier weights, I really started to see some noticeable results. My body has been changing and toning up. I’ve had friends ask me what my secret is and what type of workouts I am doing. I tell them that I lift heavy weights! I really like that Neal is knowledgeable, not just about exercise routines but how your body works as a whole. He also understands nutrition. He really knows his stuff. I have the confidence that when I ask him a question about food or an exercise that he’s going to give me accurate information. I think this last point is really important. Neal is really invested in making sure you reach the results you desire. I’ve seen some trainers at gyms that don’t seem to really care about their client’s improvement. I feel like Neal really cares and wants me to improve. I’m really glad to have Neal as my trainer. This has been the longest that I’ve stuck with a training program AND have gone to the gym at 6 AM. I am not a morning person at all!