Training Options

No matter what option you choose, the most important thing is that all training is personalized!

Since you are an individual you will have your own program. Custom training programs are safer and more effective than random or standardized workouts. Non-personalized training programs result in needless injuries and a lack of results.

Small Group Training is performed in groups of 3-6 people.

  • Motivating atmosphere
  • Like-minded people
  • Community
  • At $35 per session, it costs less than traditional one-on-one training.

One-on-One Training is available for people who need or desire more direct supervision. This one-on-one interaction is a good choice for:

  • People who are new to training and require more direct supervision and interaction with their trainer
  • Anyone who has suffered injury or is coming back to physical activity. Sometimes these people like to work one-on-one with a trainer as they gain confidence in their body’s ability to work hard and adapt.
  • People who have non-traditional schedules and can only train at times where there are no groups.
  • Those who simply prefer to train alone.

Special one-time introductory rate is three 45-minute sessions for $99.

All training can be done at my private location, at your home, or another location of your choice.

Whether you choose individual training or small group training, all clients receive a personal fitness assessment and complimentary diet plan.
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