The Dead Bug and Hip Flexor Inhibition

The dead bug is used to hit your abs and obliques. It’s a relatively simple exercise, however I make it more effective by using a special breathing sequence. I inhale when my legs are in the resting position (bent).  I exhale during the entire time which I am performing the leg movement. This has the […]

My Twisted Pelvis

Edit. Since I last wrote this post, which is almost three years ago, I have gained a ton of knowledge and experience in dealing with Lateral Pelvic Tilt. Lateral Pelvic Tilt and Lower Back Pain I urge you to read my updated post as it reflects four years of education acquired through the Postural Restoration […]

SI Joint Pain

One thing I’ve had to deal with numerous times since my early 20’s has been SI joint pain. Before I knew what it was, I simply just described it as “lower back pain-but not really in my back”. Why the confusion? I said it was my lower back, but it kind of felt like it […]