Kearny Personal Training, Group Training

Kearny, New Jersey has a number of different options for outdoor workouts and personal training.

Any park can easily be utilized for body weight exercises like pushups, squats, split squats, handstands, as well as all types of movement based warmups.

They can also be used for long distance endurance work like jogging and walking, as well as high intensity work like sprints, and if you have one, prowler or sled work.

Another option is using TRX straps and looping them over a fence.

TRX "T" in Kearny, NJ

TRX “T” for building your upper back and rear delts.

The largest park is West Hudson Park, which borders Harrison, New Jersey. It features numerous fields where people play soccer, softball, and baseball. In addition, there is a walking loop where you’ll see numerous pedestrians and runners.

West Hudson also has a small lake for fishing and a children’s water park.