Belleville Outdoor Personal Training

Belleville, New Jersey has a number of different options for outdoor workouts and personal training.

Any park can easily be utilized for body weight exercises like pushups, squats, split squats, handstands, as well as all types of movement based warmups.

They can also be used for long distance endurance work like jogging and walking, as well as high intensity work like sprints, and if you have one, prowler or sled work.

Another option is using TRX straps and looping them over a fence or pull-up bar:

TRX Row in Belleville, NJ

TRX Row for building your back muscles.


Belleville Park offers a playground, soccer fields, softball fields, a 1/4 mile jogging path, and beautiful cherry blossoms for your viewing pleasure. It is located at:

343 Belleville Avenue, Belleville, NJ 07109

Branchbrook Park borders Belleville and Newark. It is one of the largest parks in New Jersey and offers basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, fitness course, jogging loop, bocce court, horseshoes, playground, and tennis courts. It is located on either side of Mill Street in Belleville, NJ.