5 Quick Points About The Trap Bar Deadlift

Some people have asked me how I set up to use the trap bar for deadlifts. Here is a short video: 1. I set up with my feet in the middle of the bar. Often people set up too far back, which results in their hands being directly underneath or in front of their shoulders. […]

The “Ribs Down” Push-ups

Push-ups are great for building overall body strength and integrating that strength through the upper back, shoulders, arms, and core. They make the entire muscular system work hard, not just the muscles that are doing the pushing. The rest of the body has to struggle to stabilize the body as it moves through space. If […]

Try This Plank-Rotation-Pushup Variation

Here is a great pushup variation that goes: plank, rotation, pushup. This combined movement is very challenging, as it really hits your abs and upper body pushing muscles hard. 1. Start in a plank position with your feet slightly apart. 2. Keeping your abs tight, push yourself up into pushup position. Try to prevent your […]

The Trap Bar Deadlift

Here are two versions of the trap bar deadlift. The only difference between the two videos is the starting position of the hips. Hip Dominant Exercises Any time an exercise is labeled hip dominant, it means that the movement involves the muscles that extend the hip (brings them forward), primarily the glutes and hamstrings. The […]

The TRX Triple 8 Combo

Here is one of my favorite uses for the TRX straps: upper back exercises. Pulling your own bodyweight against gravity is a fantastic way to build strength and muscle in your upper back and biceps. With all pulling exercises using the TRX straps, the further you move yourself forward, the more difficult the exercise becomes. […]

The Smith Machine Glute Thrust

The glute thrust, also know as a hip thrust, has been gaining popularity in strength and conditioning. The value of the glute thrust is that it trains the glutes in a more horizontal manner, rather than traditional vertical glute building exercises like the squat and split squat. Plus, it helps build a great looking set […]

Stability Ball Leg Curl

The stability ball leg curl is a great exercise to build strength throughout the upper back, core, glutes, and hamstrings. In the video below, I show both a leg curl and a glute thrust, which are actually two different exercises. How to Perform the Stability Ball Leg Curl – Keep your feet pointed towards your […]

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift.

The single leg Romanian deadlift is a great exercise for glute and hamstring development. It also happens to be one of the more difficult exercises to teach and perform correctly for the following reasons: – It takes good balance. – You have to be able to hinge at the hip. Many people have a hard […]

An Effective Shoulder Warm Up

I always stress the importance of a good shoulder warm up focusing on dynamic movements and muscle activation exercises. Dynamic movements move joints through a range of motion. Muscle activation exercises are used to target important muscles that tend to fall dormant during the course of a day. In my mind, no other area of […]

Eight Tips for Healthy Shoulders

Having painful shoulders is depressing. I had a shoulder issue last year that I self diagnosed (later verified by a therapist) as a labrum problem. The labrum is connective tissue that helps provide more stability to the shoulder joint. When I was in pain, I had to stop shoulder pressing and I was relegated to […]