Do You Have a Zone of Apposition?

A primary goal of Postural Restoration is to achieve and maintain a solid Zone of Apposition while achieving tri-planar movement. In plain English, this means that your body can move in all three planes of motion: sagittal (front to back), frontal (side to side), and transverse (rotation), while keeping your rib cage positioned correctly. Examine […]

The Palace of Versailles and Public Transportation

Taking public transportation in a foreign country can be a harrowing experience. The first time is always the most difficult because of your unfamiliarity with the ticketing machines or the different types of buses and trains that are available. I’ve used public transport in Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and now France. Each situation was different, but […]

The TRX Row

My general feeling about weight training is that everyone should learn the basic barbell exercises. There is simply no substitute for the practicality of adding weight to a bar on exercises that train your body’s natural movement patterns. Once proper technique has been learned and a good base of strength has been established, incorporating other […]

Zebras, Marathons, Stress and Life Saving Exercise

httpv:// My Thoughts First off, on a personal note, I’m hoping this video will calm the fears of all those whom I train, or merely converse with, who question my cardiovascular health because I don’t “do” cardio. The doctor is contending that a mere thirty minutes of walking can have dramatic effects on your health […]

5 Tips for Great Glutes

Athletes generally have great glutes. The reason is simple: they work on building muscle and they burn a lot of calories through playing their sport. Even though you may not be a professional athlete, great glutes are attainable. Here are five tips for developing a strong and aesthetically pleasing pair of glutes (and yes, they […]

P90X, Cross Fit, and All the Rest

I’m often asked what I think about various workout programs, Cross Fit and P90X seem to the most popular right now. Honestly, I don’t know a huge amount about either one. I remember watching late night P90X commercials years ago, before its current popularity. Has it somehow gotten better over the years? I doubt it. […]

The Essence of Training and When to Change a Program

Question: When do you change from total body workouts to an upper/lower split? Answer: The essence of all training is to manage the stress/adaptation cycle. You stress your body through weight training and your body then adapts to that stress by getting stronger and adding muscle. Once you can lift a certain amount of weight […]

The Magazines are Lying to You!

I often say that there is nothing more destructive for men and women than to look at popular culture magazines. Cosmo, People, Shape, Flex, whatever. It’s all bs. The celebrities in these magazines are photoshopped beyond belief. You can’t look like them because even they don’t look like them. Check this out All you have […]

41 Things I am Thankful For

A random list of things that I am thankful for: 1. Having been born in the United States of America. 2. Books. 3. Growing up in a safe and secure environment. 4. Good health. 5. Salsa music. 6. A supportive family. 7. That I didn’t have cable tv growing up. 8. That I didn’t have […]

4 Reasons You Can Drop a Pants Size With No Weight Loss

What happens when you lose 74 pounds, going from 237 to 167? In order to lose the weight, you’ve established a caloric deficit. Let’s say you were eating 2,200 calories per day when you weighed 237. You went on a diet that set your daily caloric intake at 1,200. You’ve now created a deficit of […]