Novus Fitness provides personal training based on Postural Restoration Institute principles. My focus is on living pain-free while also building strength, proper movement patterns, stability, and balance. Most of my clients train with me specifically because of my success in helping them resolve aches and pains that have not responded to traditional forms of PT and chiropractic interventions.
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Postural Restoration pelvis repositioningYou don't have to live with pain. Learn how restoring your body's ability to breathe and move properly can effect your strength, mobility, and quality of life.
Postural Restoration
"After the birth of my daughter, I developed horrible pain in my right shoulder. I felt numbness, tingling, and pain. Sometimes it would wake me up at night because it hurt so badly.
Neal did a couple tests and checked my shoulder range of motion. After the first training session with some strange exercises, I felt better. During the next couple weeks I continued with the exercises at home and once a week with him. The pain got less and less until I was finally able to train without any pain"
- Esther S.
"I had seen a physical therapist, sports doctor, massage therapist and chiro for front hip and lower back pain. Most of their therapies were electric stimulation, massage, and adjustments. Whenever I felt better, which was rarely, the pain returned quickly. Neal knew what the problem was and had the pain gone in just one session."
- Maria P.
"I didn’t know anything about pelvic repositioning at all but I totally knew about the sharp pain in my right knee and how it would make a cracking or popping noise every time I had to squat or kneel down. I was totally sold on what repositioning my pelvis would do because no one knows about it, but I tried it and my pain went away.

Then I stopped doing the exercise for a while and after a few months the pain returned. So I came back to training and Neal had me do the breathing and repositioning exercise again, and the pain disappeared again. Now I was sold. I haven’t had knee pain again."
- Annie E